Mudrooms: What are they and how to best utilize them in your home

 Every home needs that designated area to drop off items once they walk-thru their front door, the Mudroom, or as we like to refer to this area as the Drop Zone is that spot.  Cubbies and lockers to store your shoes, hooks to hang jackets and back packs, a bench seat to sit on while you take off/ or put on your shoes, and overhead compartments that become a home for any stray items.

Drop Zone Area with built ins

Storage:  Mudrooms are great places to maximize storage.  With built-in drawers to store or hide items, cubbies to put baskets in, and lockers to hang back packs, mudrooms make the perfect storage solution!

Pet Supplies:  Mudrooms are great for keeping pet supplies organized.  Pull out drawers make for the perfect spot to store all of your dogs treats, medications, toys, etc.  We have even seen where a homeowner would leave an opening below the lockers to put a dog bed!

Kid Zone:  Mudrooms make for a great place for your kids to call their own!  Kids can have their own locker, cubby, or drawer.  Having their own designated spot to place their personal belongings will help them stay organized and hopefully keep the rest of your home free of their things!

Reminder Spot:  Since majority of mudrooms are located by the garage door, placing items on the bench seat will help remind you to grab them before you head out the door!  Having a designated spot where you can put items that you don’t want your kids to forget will hopefully help decrease the amount of trips you have to make to school that day.  A bowl for keys, a tray to keep items grouped together, or even a basket are great items to keep in your drop zone.

dropzone storage

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