How to Make Laundry a Little Easier

After all the snow, ice, and now slush that we have encountered over the last 2 weeks, I am sure that everyones laundry room has been put to good use. Laundry is typically not everyones favorite chore to do, so we have tried to make this not so fun task a little easier for you.
Now in several of our model homes you can find our “folding table”. This is a great addition to your laundry room. Not only does it give you the perfect spot to fold your clean clothes, but it also can act as a sorting table as well.

You can find our folding table in our Bedford Farms model.


Every parent can agree, a laundry room sink is a must! In The Gates at Waterside Crossing’s model we have added a sink along with our folding table.


If cabinets and drawers are important to you, then this might be more of what you need.


An upper cabinet is great for extra storage!


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