Laundry room design ideas

Your laundry room isn’t one of those spaces in your home where you think, “Oh, I’ll just go there and relax.” It’s purely functional.

But that doesn’t mean the room is prohibited from having style. Look at today’s bathroom designs. They’ve evolved from functional dullness to spa-like beauty. Every space in your home should reflect your personality. Don’t skip over the laundry room. There are so many ways you can re-create this utility area without spending a fortune. Here are some laundry room design ideas to get you started.

Plan for the functions.

All great outcomes start with a great plan. Determine what you want to improve in your laundry room. More storage? Additional function? Nicer style? Create a wish list of things you’d like in your “dream” laundry room.

Additional functions could include a drop-down ironing board mounted on a wall (perhaps tucked inside an attractive cabinet). Maybe you’d like a folding area to sort through your laundry. Pet lovers could also consider converting the space occupied by a utility sink into a dog bath or shower. Some laundry rooms are situated in a place where they double as a mudroom, which means you need even more organization for this double duty!

Calculate your space.

Next, determine what you have to work with—such as space, plumbing, and electrical. Are you planning to knock down a wall to expand the space? Will you need to replumb, redo the dryer vent, or maybe switch from electric to gas (or vice versa)? Make sure you know the current condition of the room.

When you measure the space, take into account whether your appliances are top- or front-loading. Top-loading washers and dryers need extra clearance below the bottom of any cabinet or shelf mounted above it.

Now that you know what you want and what you have, you can build the plan for a room that might even get you excited about doing laundry.

Get creative with storage.

Where do you stash your cleaning products? Is there a shelf over the washer and dryer? Color that “gone”. Use the same storage logic for your laundry room organization as you apply to your kitchen, bathroom, and closet—easy access cabinets, drawers, cubbies, and shelving. Storage should be attractive, no matter what area it occupies.

If your laundry room is also the place where you keep your brooms, mops, and vacuum, how will you store them? A closet is a great addition, but if space is limited, think about adding a pegboard organization wall where you can hang them, along with other household cleaning items and tools.

Rethink the sink.

Perhaps one of the ugliest features in many laundry rooms is the utility sink—a big plastic basin with boring legs and an uninspiring faucet. That unsightly sink was designed for rinsing and washing really messy items, like muddy work clothes. Will a stainless steel sink handle the challenge as well? Absolutely! How about an oversized farmhouse sink in your laundry room for big jobs? Install the sink within a vanity, with a durable and attractive countertop. Add a kitchen faucet with a pull-down spray, and you easily, affordably improve the look of your laundry room—and add value to your home.

Your laundry room doesn’t have to be the dullest part of your home. Give it a real clean-up with these design ideas.

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