How to Strike a Note With Paint

Most of us would shy away from a room painted entirely black, however, what if you only painted the window frames , the doors,  or the shelving black?  Today we are going to take it a step further and discuss how to transform your home without having to paint an entire room.

1.)  Highlight Framing:

An all white color scheme in a room can be transformed with simple paint on the door or window frames.  Adding a color to your frames helps to give focus to the room preventing it from feeling too bleached out.  It also helps to draw your eyes up emphasizing the height of the space.

painted master bedroom

2.)  Switch Up Your Shelving:

Shelving on either side of your fireplace is great for storage and decorating.  However, if traditional white woodwork feels a bit tired, try painting it!

shelves around the fireplace

 3.)  Go Bolder in Your Hallways:

You can afford to be bolder with paint in a hallway that you pass through rather than one you linger in.  Try painting the baseboards, molding, and door frames as well!

2 Story Foyer

4.)  Color Your Fireplace:

Why not paint your fireplace?  Against an all white wall, a white fireplace tends to get lost.  Add a splash of color and viola instant elegance and class to any room.

painted fireplace

5.)  Drench Your Wardrobe:

Colored shelves like black can lend an orderly feel to a walk-in closet, and your colored clothing really stands out against the black making it easier to find what to wear!

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