How To Keep Your Family Organized This School Year

As the new school year begins for many families, you will want to make sure your home and your family are ready for the chaos of extracurricular activities, sports, school papers, and much more.  Here are a few suggestions on creating a family system that works.

Where:  Having a designated spot for permission slips, book bags, band instruments, etc.   This will help prevent chaos in the morning when you are running late and can’t find something.  Our dropzone is a perfect place to store all of your kids “school stuff” and much more!

aspen dropzone

What:  Creating a calendar with the entire families schedule from school, to soccer practices, to even what’s for dinner that night.  This will help take the guess work out of your week.

When:  As soon as your child gets home, have them empty their book bags and folders.  That way you can retrieve any papers, sign permission slips, or even add more items to the calendar.

How:  Routine is extremely important in helping to keep families on track.  Post a morning and evening checklist in their rooms so they will always know what needs to be done.

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