How To Dog Proof Your Backyard

For many of us our dogs are part of the family.  Just  like you want to keep your children safe when they are in your backyard, you want to do the same for your 4 legged kids.  There are several precautions that you can take when dog proofing your yard.

Dogs Blog 6.3.16

  1. Choose dog safe flowers for your garden or pots.  Tulips, Azaleas, Daffodils, and Amaryllis can be poisonous to dogs.  For a full list of safe flowers and plants click here.
  2. Secure trash cans and garage supplies.  You want to make sure that your trash and recycling bins are secured with the appropriate lids.  The last thing that you want is to come how to trash that has been spread across the yard!  Also make sure that any fuel, antifreeze, or cleaning supplies are stored up high and out of reach.
  3. Fence around your swimming pool.  Sure you pup may be a strong swimmer, but you just never know!
  4. Check your fence for weak spots.  Dogs are curious, and if they see an escape route, they might just take it.
  5. Mow the lawn and landscape regularly.  Ticks will use tall grass as an easy ladder to hitch a ride on your dogs fur.
  6. Routinely clean decks, sheds, and other backyard structures (dog houses especially).  Fleas tend to live in dark humid areas!
  7. Keep dogs away from areas that have recently been treated with insecticides, pesticides, or fertilizers.  Always put your pups inside when any of these things are going to be sprayed!
  8. Always provide water and shade.  With temperatures already reaching close to 90, make sure your dog has shade at all times!  Dehydration and sickness can be a real threat in these hot temps, so always make sure your pup has fresh cool water!
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