How to Cut Costs in Your New Home

The most expensive purchase you will ever make is buying a new home.  Buying a new home can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when money is involved.  So here are some tips to help you cut costs (and keep your mind at ease) when building your new home.

Figure out what is important to you early on.  Sit down with your significant other and decide what features, floor plan, decor selections, etc. are important to you.  Making a list of your non-negotiable items is always helpful.  Can’t live without that 3rd car garage, then put it on the list.  Also figure out where you are and are not willing to compromise.  Can you live with that standard paint color, knowing down the road you can easily change it?

Do your research early on.  Know what you want!  Visit our model homes to get a feel for what type of home you want and don’t want.  Is that big walk-in spa shower in the model worth the extra money?  Or do you prefer a tub?  Knowing what you want from the beginning will help keep you on track from the start!


Know your builder and what they offer.  Lots of upgrades that many home buyers want in their home are already included in the price of our homes.  For example, Hardie siding is a popular upgrade for many home buyers. All of our homes are built with Hardie siding, not vinyl.  Many home owners want a tile back splash, or tile in the master bathroom, or white and grey cabinets, all of these typical upgrades are already included in your new Niblock home.

Use our sales agents as a resource.  Our sales agents are your best resource!  They know the floor plans, they know the custom options (and usually their price), and they are great to bounce ideas off of.

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