Home Safety Tips During the Holidays

While majority of us are doing our last-minute holiday shopping or making our grocery lists in preparation for guests, other not so nice people are taking inventory and figuring out which homes will be vacant this holiday season.  So, to make sure that your home doesn’t fall victim to these criminals, there are several things that you can do to make sure you leave your home as safe as possible.


Help your neighbors out: You keep an eye on their home while they are out of town, and hopefully in return they will do the same for you.  Also ask your neighbor if they wouldn’t mind checking your mail and taking any packages that may have been delivered inside for you.  Nothing says we aren’t home like an overflowing mailbox!


Wait until you return to share your family photos: We get it, it is fun to post a selfie of you on an airplane, or to check in on Facebook that you are in a fun new location, but just remember you are broadcasting to the world that you are not home!  So be smart about your posts, don’t tag locations, or update your status that you will be out of town, or better yet, what to post any vacation photos until you get back home!


Neighborhood groups: Does your neighborhood have a Facebook group?  If so, let them know the dates that you will be out of town.  Hopefully they will keep an extra eye on your home!


Move valuables away from the windows:  Closing your curtains for a week or two can signal that no one is home.  So instead move any valuables away from the windows and out of sight!  If you have any very expensive items like jewelry, important documents, etc. put them in a safe before you leave!


Don’t tidy up too much: You want your home to appear lived in, not vacant.  So, if your front yard typically has toys or a hose pipe laying across it, leave it there!


Put light switches on timers: It is not a good idea to leave lights on throughout the home when you are away.  For starters this is just a waste of money, and secondly no one keeps the same lights on 24/7, so don’t do it when you aren’t home!  Instead put your lights on timers.  Have them come on when it gets dark and go off around your normal bedtime.  You can also put your TV on a timer.  Anything that makes it seem like you are home is a good idea!


Hide your hide-a-key: Don’t make breaking into your home any easier, take all of those hidden house keys and put them inside!


Hopefully these tips will help give you some peace of mind to focus on the important things like family and friends this holiday season!

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