Flooring for Your Lifestyle

flooring for your lifestyle Blog Post 3.1.17

There are several things that you should consider when choosing the flooring for your new home.  Allergies, pets, and kids just to name a few.  So before you visit our Design Studio to make your selections, you might want to think about how your lifestyle might effect your flooring in the future.  Of course it is always a great idea to let our Designer Andrea know about any of your flooring concerns, that way she can help guide you to the best flooring alternatives!


  If you have a family member who either suffers from year long allergies, or they have asthma, then carpet might not be the best flooring for your home.  Dust, dirt, pet hair and dander can all be trapped in the long fibers of carpet.  There they will continue to breed unhealthy conditions for asthma sufferers.

Hardwood flooring is probably your best choice.  You can have hardwood floors in every room in your home, and if you are worried about it not be comfortable enough for your bedroom, then adding light area rug can help with that.

Tile is another great alternative to carpet or hardwoods.  Just beware that bacteria can still grow in the grooves and crevices from tile.


 Hardwood flooring is always the most desired type of floor, but with pets there are certain things to keep in mind.  Nail scratches for example, no matter how trimmed you keep their toenails, is inevitable when you have an indoor pet.  Water bowls, placing your pets water bowl directly on hardwood floors is not a good idea. Make sure you always place a mat or rug under their bowl to help minimize  water spilling onto your hardwood floors!

Carpet might be the worst choice with pets.  It can easily be damaged by their dirty paws, potty accidents, and of course their hair!

Tile is a good choice with pets.  Tile does not scratch easily, and if they happen to have an accident, urine won’t ruin the floors.


If you have children, or plan to have children in the future, the type of flooring that you choose might be important.

Carpet is of course the most comfortable, especially for a baby to crawl on, but when it comes to spills carpet can be the most difficult to clean up.

Hardwoods can handle spills as long as they are cleaned up immediately, but if the thought of having little scratch marks on  your floors from toy trucks and baby walkers gives you anxiety, then you might want to move on to tile.

Just like we mentioned with pets, tile does not scratch easily and is fairly easy to clean up, but we doubt you want to tile your child’s bedroom.

There are always pros and cons to whatever type flooring that you choose.  Deciding if a particular look is more important to you than comfort is completely up to you!

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