First Day of Spring Cleaning Tips!

Happy first day of Spring!

A new season can mean a new fresh start, and now is the perfect time to clean house and get rid of the old to make room for the new.  Making a checklist is the best way to stay on task, and you always feel accomplished when you can cross off a task from the list.  So tackle one or two of these items a day, and you will be less stressed and way more productive!

Step 1:  Get started.  The hardest part to any task is getting started.  Tell yourself that you only need to spend 15-20 minutes a day.  Just knowing that you won’t be spending your entire Saturday on house chores will hopefully help motivate you to get started.

Step 2:  Organize the clutter.  Papers piled up on your counter, clothes laying on the bench in your bedroom, hair products and makeup all over your bathroom counter, these are all things that can easily be put away while making your home feel more organized.  It will also give you a better idea of what truly needs to be cleaned.

Step 3:  Clean out the kitchen.  The pantry and fridge are notorious for hoarding out-of-date items.  Honestly cleaning out expired foods should be more of a weekly task than a seasonal one.  No one wants to eat expired food, and I can guarantee your kids are not checking the dates before opening a pack of old cookies.

Step 4:  Natural light = happier family.  Clean your windows!  Natural light has been proven to improve your mood, so make sure your windows are clean to allow light to easily shine in.  The best way to clean windows according to the professionals is to use Palmolive.  Here is a step by step tutorial on window cleaning.  

Step 5:  Rearrange your home.  Make your home feel new and fresh by rearranging the furniture.  Switch the location of the couch, move around the end tables, replace old photos with new ones, toss out the old potpourri and replace with new, buy a new candle or a new table runner.  These small changes can make a big impact in your home.

Step 6:  Spruce up your bathrooms.  Not only should you give your bathroom a good clean, but you should also freshen up your towels.  Swap out those white bland towels for a set of bright colored ones.  Flowers are blooming creating color outside, so why not bring the Spring cheer indoors!

Step 7:  Organize your closet.  A good rule to follow when deciding what to throw out or keep is to ask yourself if you saw this at the store today, would you buy it?  The same goes for purses, shoes, jewelry, any kind of accessory really.

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