The first 5 things that guests will notice when walking into your home.

First impressions are everything, and whether you are trying to sell your home, hosting an event, or having friends over for dinner, you want to make sure that their first impression of your home is a memorable one (and in a good way).  Here are the first 5 things that your guests will notice when walking into your home.

  1.   Cleanliness.  Of course you want a clean home and entryway.   When we say clean we mean more then just a dusted and vacuumed home, we mean a mess free, organized, and clutter free home.  Do you have too many trinkets or collectibles on your shelves, are shoes tossed around instead of neatly placed in their designated spots, do you have too much stuff creating clutter and a hoarder like atmosphere?  All of these things can make your home feel dirty and in a disarray.
  2. Lighting.  Is your home well lit?  A dull, dark entryway will set the tone for the rest of your home.  It is good to make sure to have plenty of lights turned on when you are expecting company.  A bright home gives off a much better vibe then a dark gloomy one.
  3. Paint color.  You always want to make sure you balance dark walls in your home with light(er) colored furniture, throw pillows, artwork, rugs, etc.  A bright red entryway for example, might be a little to in your face for some guests.  If you just have to have that red colored wall, opt for an accent wall or accent features using that red instead.
  4. Scent.  The last thing that you want is for your guests to walk into your home and it smell like a kennel or dirty trash.  Burning a candle, spraying odor eliminating sprays, or even making sure you take the trash out frequently, are all good ways to help keep smells away.
  5. Clean the powder room.  No one wants to use the restroom if it feels and looks dirty.  Make sure you go the extra mile when expecting guests.  Clean the toilet bowl, empty the trash can, clean the mirror, wipe down the counter tops, put a new clean hand towel out, fresh soap, and even light a candle.  You want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable in this space.
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