Feminine Bedroom Touches

Designing a bedroom for a girl can look quite different then the design for a boys room.  From the color scheme to the lighting, there are several design touches to keep in mind when creating the perfect feminine bedroom.

 AC Girls Room Decor Blog 10.9.17

Lets start with the most important design feature for any bedroom, the color scheme.  The first thing that you need to do when deciding on a color scheme is to pick the main or primary color of the room.  Pink is by far the most used color for a girls room, and while yes we love the color pink, we do not love an all pink room.  We suggest using a more neutral color like grey, beige, or cream as your primary room color.  Sherwin Williams has a great interactive website that helps make color selections an easy task.  Once you have chosen your main color, then you can decide on what pops of color that you want to incorporate.  This is where pink is a great choice.

For example, a classic girls room that we love would use grey as the main color ( think grey walls, or just one grey accent wall), then we would incorporate our pops of color by using pink.  Pink in the bedding, pink pillows, pink in the curtains, or pink in the rug.  Beige/ cream is another great primary color that looks great with pink accents.


Lighting is next on our list to help create a feminine atmosphere.  Statement light fixtures are not just for family rooms or foyers.  By adding a hanging light fixture to your bedroom, you can help create that more romantic feel.  From chandelier style lights to wall mounted lights on either side of your bed, the type of light fixture that you choose will set the mood for your room.  We get all of our lights from Efirds Lighting.  The have tons of lights to choose from both online and in their stores.

Fabrics, patterns, and textures are third on our list for adding that feminine touch to your bedroom.  When we say fabrics we are talking about everything from the bedding to the curtains to the rug.  Not only do you want the fabrics to look feminine, but you want them to feel a certain way as well.  Silky, soft sheets, embroidered or monogrammed bedding, and patterns such as polka dots and flowers are all great ways to add that feminine touch to your bedroom.

Storage is an important must have for many females.  With all of the accessories that females own ( purses, jewelry, scarves, etc.) it is important to have enough storage in your bedroom to keep these things organized and put away.  Extra shelving in your closet, labeling containers for each item, or even finding a way to hang up items will keep your room picked-up and clutter free.


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