Fall Roof Checklist

Now is the time to give your roof a thorough check and make sure any preventative measures are taken to keep your roof in tip top shape.  There are few different areas on your home that can affect the way your roof functions.  Here are a few places to check to make sure they are performing like they should.


Shingles:  Missing, broken, or curled shingles are all issues that need to be addressed.  After the past 2 hurricanes that have brought tons of wind and rain, it wouldn’t be uncommon if you found a missing shingle or two.


The Gutter:  The purpose of gutters is to funnel water off of your roof.  If those clog than there is no place for the water to funnel through.  Keep your gutters clear of debris such as branches, leaves, and twigs.  If you have never had your gutters cleaned, now might be the time.


The Attic:  Make sure that your attic is properly insulated.  This is especially important if you live somewhere that has snow.  The warm air from your attic can leak out and melt the snow, and then the cold air will refreeze the snow causing ice.  Ice sitting under snow can cause damage to your shingles, leaks, and in severe cases can cause a roof to collapse.


Tree Maintenance: Now is the time to trim branches that are close to your home.  This will help keep your gutters clear, as well as keep weak branches from falling onto the roof of your home.


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