Design It Your Way

At our 4,000 square foot Design Studio, you will get to see and touch all of the design elements that help to make your home truly unique. Not only do you get to see everything, but you also get to work with our designer, Andrea. Having your own personal designer walk you through the design process step by step makes everyone’s life easier. We want for you to enjoy building your home and to have fun with it as well! We know that the design process can overwhelm you the first time you visit, that is why we have all of our buyers visit our studio for a second time. This gives you plenty of time to go home, think about all of the selections, and then you can come back for your final decision.

Below is a photo from one of our buyers first time visits. Andrea likes to bring all of the selections that you choose outside so that you can see everything in the natural sunlight.

Now included in every Niblock Home, a tile backsplash! It is amazing how adding this feature to your home will instantly give any kitchen that extra “wow” factor.

If it is difficult for you to envision your home by only seeing bits and pieces, we also have tons of photos for you to look at as well. If you would like to see more of our Design Studio, you can click the link below for a virtual tour!

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