Design Ideas to Create a Dream Master Bath

When designing your dream master bathroom, there are a few ideas and design tips that you might want to keep in mind.  From the color palette you choose to the spa like shower that you can’t live without, we have several design ideas to help transform your master bath!

Arlington Floor Plan Master Bathroom

His and Her Sinks:  Having separate sinks might seem like such an old idea, but it’s a great idea!  No more leftover tooth paste in the sink from your husband, or makeup crumbs on the counter from your wife.  With his and her sinks you each have your own personal space, but it also means you are each in charge of cleaning those separate spaces! All of our floor plans offer master baths with separate sinks, and several of plans take it one step further and even offer his and her vanities!

 AC Model master bath landscape

A Spa Like Shower:  To create a master bath that resembles a lavish spa, consider gorgeous tile, chandelier type lighting, and complementary mirrors.  Choose a soft and soothing wall color (think blues and grays), floor to ceiling tile, and an over sized shower head.  We have designed  a very popular walk-in spa shower that is perfect for those who prefer a larger shower to a tub.

LP Arlington master bath  Aspen walk-in spa shower


Shower Heads:  A nice shower head can make just about any shower feel luxurious.  A hand held shower head,  over head rain can, dual shower heads, or a combination of both can make all the difference in your master bathroom.  Lucky for  you a hand held shower head and over sized rain can come included with our spa shower.

overhead-rain-can-blog-desining-dream-master-bath  spa-shower-wand-blog-designing-dream-master-bath

Jetted Tub:  There is nothing more relaxing then coming home to relax in your tub after a long day.  There are so many different design ideas for tubs.  From free standing, to jetted tubs, to a shower and tub combo, whichever one you choose we know you won’t regret it!

master bath Providence Blog 8.19.16  master bath

Lighting:  Unflattering lighting is the last thing that you want in any place where you get ready in.  You want to make sure you pick the right kind of lighting for your bathroom with the right fixtures.  You don’t want lighting that is so bright that it gives you a headache, but on the flip side you don’t want lighting that is so dim that you can’t see to get ready in the morning.  Natural lighting is always key in your master bath.  Adding additional windows wherever it is possible is always a great idea.

hadley-spa-shower-windows-blog-creating-dream-master-bath  windsor master bath

The Right Toilet:  Choosing the right toilet might seem like an unimportant task, but having a toilet that is the right size and height for you can make a difference.  The right toilet also might be the one that is out of sight.  Having a separate space for your toilet gives you that extra privacy. To learn more about choosing the right toilet check out our blog here.

LP Lot 681 Greenwood Master Shower

Extra Storage:  You can never have too much storage, especially when there are so many ways to add storage to those empty walls.  Built-in shelves on portions of walls that would otherwise sit empty is one great addition, also adding space around your tub and extra shelves in the shower can be helpful too!  We have even added additional custom vanities for homeowners.

Custom Vanity blog post  Chadwick Master bath additional storage. blog post.

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