Decorating With What You've Got!

With a brand new home comes new everything.  New appliances, new light fixtures, new carpet, new paint, new floors, but what isn’t new is your furniture.  And that is ok!  There are several ways to make your “old” stuff look and feel new again, because lets be realistic, you generally can’t have it all, new home and new furniture.

We recently moved into a new temporary Model at Ashlyn Creek.  We used the same furniture from the previous model in this new home but with some changes.  We added some new pieces, moved things around, and overall brightened up this new Model!  So here are our ideas on how to decorate your home with what you’ve got!

Old Model:   AC Model Aspen Exterior

New Model:   AC Lot 23 Stratford Plan

 Change out pillows and throws:  Such an inexpensive update will make a huge impact on any space in your home.  If you decide to get new pillows, we suggest trying a different print, pattern, or even color scheme.  In our new Model we tried to eliminate a lot of the red that you saw in our previous model.  We bought new throw blankets and pillows which added in more greens, creams, and yellows!

Old Family Room:  aspen family room

New Family Room:  ac-family-room-blog post  ac-new-chair-blog-post

Place furniture in new rooms:  If a certain chair came from your Family Room, try it in your Bonus Room this time around.  You want your new home to have its own identity, and when you walk into that space you want it to feel new and fresh.  In our old Model at Ashlyn Creek, the cream chairs that you see pictured above were in the Master Bedroom, in our new Model, we placed them in the Family Room.

Switch up the artwork and lamps: Sure artwork and lamps are still not cheap, but they are cheaper to replace than an entire bedroom collection.  If replacing artwork is not in your budget, try moving them around to new rooms.  We added different prints in our new Model’s Dining Room, and we love how it turned out.

ac-dining room blog post

Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture:  Just because you bought that dresser with the matching end tables, that doesn’t mean you have to use them together.  Too matchy matchy can get boring!

New bedspread:  The easiest way to change up your master bedroom is to buy a new comforter, duvet cover, or quilt.  This change will go a long way in changing the appearance of your new space!

Old Master Bedroom:  Aspen masterbedroom

New Master Bedroom:  ac-master-bedroom

Knick Knacks and miscellaneous items:  New potpourri, candles, vases, and just random decor is also another inexpensive home update.  Do you have a bowl that has contained the same potpourri for the past 3 years?  Well now is a good time to dump it out and start fresh!

We hope these small changes and ideas will help make your home look and feel brand new.  Just remember it doesn’t take much to make your “old” stuff feel like your new stuff!

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