Decorating with wallpaper

The wallpaper trend has come full circle.  No longer is wallpaper thought of as a trend that you only see in a 19th century home.  Today the wallpaper prints, colors, textures, and designs are modern and elegant, nothing like the floral prints found in your grandmother’s family room.  Wallpaper can be an inexpensive way to dress up any wall, bookshelf, powder room, etc.  Our designers have been using wallpaper in more and more of our Model Homes.  From the foyer to the powder room, here are some examples of great places to incorporate this trend.

Wallpaper in the foyer.  Your guests walk-thru your front door and they are instantly “wowed” by the accent wall.  This photo is from our new Woodbridge Model Home.  We have had so many compliments on this wallpaper!  Since the wall of our foyer is not too large of a space, having such a bold and detailed print works great here.

Wallpaper your Powder Room.  Small spaces like a bathroom are great for wallpapering.  Just like we mentioned above with the foyer wall, you can also go big and bold in your bathroom selections. The above photo is our Powder Room in our Bedford Farms Model Home.

Wallpaper on only 1 wall of a room.  Think of wallpaper as an accent feature.  Accent walls are very popular in new home designs.  Bold paint colors, board and batten trim, and wallpaper are all great accent features for any room.

These are just a few examples of some of our favorite places to use wallpaper.  Now-a-days there is even such a thing as peel and stick temporary wallpaper. This would work great for those of us who have trouble making design commitments.  So pick that bold print and have fun designing your new space!


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