Customizing Our Floor Plans

At Niblock, we don’t presume to know what your exact ideal home is, that’s why we have been customizing for over 30 years. We have a library of custom ideas…ideas that add space, transform space, and add character or function. If we don’t have drawn what you need, our in-house architectural staff can make it happen.  Whether it be a ranch or a 2-story home, all of our floor plans are great starting points.

We always love to give examples and actually show our potential home buyers just how custom our homes really can be.  We know that it is common for some home builders to use the term custom when describing their homes, but in our opinion just letting someone change the paint color, or add a little additional square footage does not make you a custom home builder.

Take our Chadwick plan for example.  We recently built this home for a family, and with the amount of customizing that was done to it, we could give this plan a new name!  Let us show you what we mean.

Here is our standard Chadwick kitchen.

 chadwick-kitchen4  chadwick-kitchen5

Here is the custom Chadwick kitchen complete with a built-in bench in the dining area.

Custom chadwick kitchen  Custom Chadwick Built-ins

Standard Chadwick family room…….

chadwick family room

In the custom Chadwick, the family room has a completely different look and feel to it.

Custom Chadwick family room

Typically in the Chadwick when you walk thru the front doors you will find your flex room and your dining room.


In this custom version, the homeowners decided that they did not need a dining room.  So they added almost another wing to the home complete with a screened in back porch and a bedroom with a full bath.

Custom Chadwick Foyer

We can’t forget all of the custom barn doors used in this home!

Barn doors are perfect for closing off your pantry, your closets, or your laundry room!Custom barn doors   Custom barn doors to your closet

Stop by our Model Homes today to start customizing your dream home!

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