Custom Exteriors

We talk a lot about the level of customizing that we do inside the home, from moving walls to adding square footage, but today we want to focus on customizing the exterior of the home.  Customizing the exterior of the home can include several different things.  From having a new elevation drawn just for you, or changing the home from all brick to mixed materials.  Either way, we love working with our home buyers to make their home truly unique.

KF Lot 52 Providence Plan  Providence exterior

Mixed materials or all brick:  The type of materials that you choose for the exterior of your home is absolutely based on personal preference.  Some home owners prefer the more traditional all brick home, while others lean more towards a craftsman style look by using a combination of hardie, stone, and brick.

Kingston exterior  Custom Kingston Plan Blog post


Custom Elevations:  All of our floor plans have several different exterior elevation options, but occasionally we do draw custom elevations per a homeowner’s request.  Take our Kingston floor plan for example.  The top 2 photos are custom elevations that we designed for homeowners, the bottom photo is or standard Kingston exterior.  Same floor plan, but completely different looks.

Aspen exterior  front exterior aspen

Front Porches:  Your front porch or lack thereof, can make your exterior look very different.  To some homeowners a front porch big enough for rocking chairs, a side table, and maybe even a ceiling fan is at the top of their wish list.  For other homeowners, perhaps a larger back porch is more important to them.

To get more exterior ideas for your home, you can visit our Exterior Gallery page by clicking here.

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