Creative design ideas to incorporate into your new home

Everyone wants that “wow” design in their home.  Whether it be a fantastic chef’s kitchen, a spa worthy master bathroom, or the sought after man cave, having a “wow” design in your home is what sets yours apart from others.  Here are 3 “wow” worthy ideas to remember when designing your new home.

A double sided fireplace.

With a double sided fireplace, you now get double the use out of your fireplace.  Not only is a double sided fireplace aesthetically pleasing, but you also have the ability to enjoy a fire in two rooms instead of just one.

Add more windows. 

Think of the windows as artwork in your home.  Not only are you saving money on actual art and decor, but you are also allowing the great outdoors to shine throughout your home.  A wall of windows will also allow your home to feel more open and larger, and who doesn’t love for natural light to brighten up the family room.

Staircase upgrade.  

Decorate your home with detailed stair balusters.  Wrought iron or classic wood balusters both give you an expensive and decorative look.  Of course a curved staircase is also a nice custom addition to any home’s foyer.


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