Creating a Cozy Fall Mantle

The start of Fall and cooler temps can often mean more time spent indoors, which makes now the perfect time to create a warm and cozy space in your home.  And what place in your home is more warm and cozy than the fireplace?  Here are 5 ways to create a cozy Fall mantle.

  1. Be creative.  Bring the outdoors inside (literally).  Leaves, branches, and pine cones all make great and free fall decor.  Branches are great to use in a decorative vase, leaves look good scattered throughout or even inside a hurricane glass, and pine cones are the perfect accessory to sprinkle around.

  2. Pumpkins.  Chances are you will be heading to a pumpkin patch.  Pumpkins make a great fall decor that will carry into Thanksgiving.  You can find all shapes, sizes, and colors of pumpkins.  Mix it up, stick with all white or all orange, the end result will look festive and fun.

  3. Rustic wood.  Add a rustic touch to your mantle this Fall with pops of wood.  Wooden decorative pieces, like baskets, frames, or even little trinkets will add a cool Fall vibe to your home.

  4. Candles.  You can never go wrong with candles.  Earthy tones and fall scents will transform your home into a cozy  Fall oasis.

  5. Layering.  Take bits of pieces of everything that we listed above.  Use wooden baskets to create different heights with your candles, pumpkins or pine cone filled baskets, and branches mixed in between.

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