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Are you following us on Social Media?  Social  Media is one of the best ways for us to showcase our gorgeous homes, introduce new communities, and just keep you update on what is happening with Niblock Homes!


Username: NiblockHomes

Our Instagram page is filled with home photos.  If you love to just look at pictures of pretty houses, then Instagram is the site for you! Not only will you be able to get home design inspiration from our page, but you will also be able to see what the top design trends are for this year.   Instagram is also a helpful tool to use before you visit our Design Studio.

Blog Post on Social Media Instagram photo 2.27.2017


Facebook is the most widely used form of Social Media.  All of our Niblock Communities have their own Facebook page, just simply type in the community name by Niblock Homes to connect with us! From being able to like posts, to sharing your favorite home photos, and even being able to click on blog links, Facebook is a great way to stay up-to-date and in-touch with us!

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Username: @NiblockHomesCLT

Twitter is the one place where you are encouraged to post all throughout the day.  On Twitter we love to post photos and articles from sources like House So Beautiful and Houzz.  We try to post relevant design articles, design tips, and tons of DIY articles!

Blog Post on Social Media Twitter photo 2.27.2017


Google+ is our Social Media platform where we really like to post our latest Blog posts, quarterly incentives, or community incentives.

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LinkedIn is where we get to connect with other like minded professionals.  From connecting with Realtors, to other home building professionals, LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with us!

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Of course we can’t forget our Blog.  We keep our Blog very current, updating posts 2-3 times a week.  From Inventory spotlights, to how you can customize your new home with us, our Blog posts very from day to day.  You can visit our website to read our posts, or you can see them posted on our different social media sites!

Blog Post on Social Media Blog photo 2.27.2017

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