Common Allergens Found in your Home

Allergies are very common, especially around certain times of the year.  Here are a few tips to try and banish the microscopic, mayhem-causing critters in your home.

Dust mites love to make a home in your carpet.  To get rid of these sneeze-inducing annoyances, make sure to vacuum at least once a week in low traffic areas, and 2-3 times a week in higher traffic areas.  Also deep cleaning your carpets a few times per year using a steam cleaning machine is a great idea.

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Your bedroom can collect a ton of dust, which can wreck havoc on your sinuses.  Wash bedding sheets and blankets at least once a week, and dry clean your comforter on a regular basis.  It is always a good idea to buy protective covers for your pillows, that way you can slip the covers off and easily wash them.

Stuffed Animals:
While they may be cute and cuddly, your child’s favorite stuffed animal can be another place for dust mites to call home.  Wash your stuffed animals every two to three weeks, and for those toys that can’t be washed, stick them in the freezer for a few hours; the cold is just enough to kill bacteria.

Window Treatments:
Washing window treatments are typically on your spring cleaning to-do list, but experts recommend cleaning blinds and drapes more frequently then that.  You also want to make sure to use your vacuum to get rid of dust and grime build up on your blinds.

A warm, damp environment is a breeding ground for mold and can send your allergies into a frenzy.  To help avoid mold make sure you use your fan every time you shower.  For more information on how to prevent mold check out this blog post on How to Kill and Prevent Bathroom Mold.

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Your family pet could even be causing your allergies to act up.  Dander, pollen, mold, you name it can all accumulate on your pets fur.  To help eliminate this, make sure to brush your pet weekly, and give them a good bath.  Not allowing your pets to lay on furniture may also help reduce your symptoms.

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