Classroom Central

When school bells ring this August, one in two students will arrive empty-handed and ill-equipped to learn; putting them behind from the very first day of school.  Niblock Homes is partnering with Classroom Central to make sure these students are prepared to learn.

Materials provided by Classroom Central not only tangibly equip students to effectively learn, but they also improve their self-confidence and self-esteem; increasing their attachment to school and their excitement for learning. However, we’re not just making a difference in the lives of our students; Classroom Central is also boosting classroom efficiency and teacher morale. Colleen Rogers, a teacher at Greenway Park Elementary says it best, “My job is hard, but definitely worth it. You not only help make my job logistically easier, you make me feel valued for choosing this difficult profession. You make my students feel like valued members of society.”

Classroom Central’s goal this year is to equip all of our local students in need with all of the basic tools they need to succeed.  Doing so requires more than 1.8 million items!!

 Niblock Homes will be collecting Boxes of Crayons, scissors, composition books, pencils, glue sticks and pocket folders for Classroom Central from July 30th – August 14th.  Bins are located at all of our model homes, so feel free to stop by and drop off any supplies!




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