Bad Home Habits

In our opinion, jumping on the bed doesn’t count as a bad home habit, however, shoving items behind couches, wearing shoes on carpet, stuffing items in random drawers, those things might be considered a bad home habit.  So here are some bad home habits that can easily be broken and some good tips on how to resolve them.

  • Tossing random items in a junk drawer.  We all have that one drawer in our home where we toss items in.  Bills, coupons, batteries, pens, pads, etc. pile up in this designated drawer.  Taking the time to sift thru the papers that you need to keep and the items that you can trash will help keep this drawer from over flowing.  Adding dividers or some sort of drawer organization will also help keep this drawer tidy.
  • Shoving items behind and on furniture.  We are all guilty of doing this.  You walk in your bedroom and toss your sweater on the floor or chair or you hide items behind or under furniture.  Making a conscious effort to hang items up as soon as you take them off will help solve this problem, or if that is asking too much, make sure you allow a good 10 minutes every night to hang up all the items that you have tossed a side throughout the day.
  • You let dishes pile up in the sink.  No one likes a sink filled with dirty dishes, and there is nothing worse than when you need a fork only to realize they are all swimming in your sink.  Instead of leaving dishes in the sink, start making it a habit to rinse and place in the dishwasher, or at least make sure you wash the dish immediately after use and then leave it in the sink to air dry.
  • Leaving carpet stains untreated.  As soon as you see dirt on your carpet, or immediately after you spill your drink on the rug, treat that spot! Letting stains sit and settle will only make it that much harder (or even impossible) to get it clean.  Keep carpet cleaner both upstairs and downstairs that way you always have it close by.
  • Washing your dish towels often or replacing your kitchen sponge.  Throw your dish towels, bathroom towels, hand towels, etc. in the wash at least once a week! Also replace that sponge that has been sitting in your kitchen sink for over a year now (we promise it’s time).
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