Baby to Toddler Room

Adorable toddler girl reading book sitting on white bed


In your eyes she will always be your baby girl, but in reality your little baby is now a rambunctious 18 month old toddler.  This new phase in your little girls life is definitely keeping you on your toes, and keeping you up at night worrying if she is going to fall climbing out of her crib.  When you have reached this stage in your child’s life, it might be a good time to start upgrading their baby room into a safer and more functional toddler room.  We have come up with 4 areas in your babies room that can be upgraded to create the perfect toddlers room.

 The Bed:  

When it comes to upgrading your babies crib into their new “big girl” bed, you have 2 good options: a) use a toddler bed, or b) upgrade to a twin bed.  There are always pros and cons to every decision, so lets focus on the positives of these 2 beds.

 Toddler Beds:

 1.  Toddler beds usage is limited ( your child will out grow them quickly), however, many cribs convert into a toddler bed which would save you money from having to purchase a new bed.

2.  Toddler beds are smaller, and since most nurseries are smaller rooms, having a toddler bed makes sense.  Having additional space in your room gives your child more floor space to play!

3.  They make toddlers feel safe.  Kids often feel safer in a toddler bed because of the high sides and the railing.  The bed feels cozy and helps keep your kids from rolling or falling out.

4. Toddler beds are usually less expensive then a twin bed.

Twin Beds: 

 1.   Twin beds can be used a lot longer then a toddler bed.

2.  You can easily add railing to a twin, and then remove it when they get older.

3.  There is more room in a twin bed for you to lay with your child.  If you want to be comfortable while reading their bedtime stories, then a twin will be your friend.

Room Colors:

 Transitioning from baby to toddler room means eliminating some of those baby colors like blues and pinks.  It’s of course okay to still use these colors, but adding in other neutrals will add a more grown up feel to their space.  Accents walls are always fun, like stripes or a bold bright color.


Typically you will find animal prints of elephants and giraffes, or cartoon characters on babies walls.  These pieces of artwork become outdated very quickly.  Wallpaper is a great addition to a kids room, and the good thing about wallpaper is you don’t have to hang as much artwork.  Rugs can also add a type of design element to your toddlers room.  Colors, prints, and softness are all important factors to keep in mind.

More Storage: 

As your baby continues to grow, so will their collection of books, toys, etc.  Having extra storage is the best way to keep their room clean.  Bookshelves, armories, and decorative baskets are all great storage solutions.

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