Alternatives to a Grass Lawn


Allergic to grass, too much upkeep, or you just want something different?  Whatever your reason may be, we have some great alternatives to grass.

Rocks:  Rock gardens are perfect for the homeowners who want to save on their utility bill!  No watering required, it looks great, and is fairly easy to create! Here are two great sites with how-to’s, images and more!  Click here or here.

Moss:  There are pros and cons for using moss in your yard.  Pros include: soft to walk on, it looks great, low maintenance, and you don’t have to mow it.  Cons: it needs to be planted in a low traffic area, a shady area (not direct sunlight), and it needs moisture.  To learn more about planting a moss lawn click here.

Thyme:  Thyme is a great choice that works well in sunny or partly sunny locations.  Thyme spreads easily and can withstand a low-level of traffic.  It also requires less water than grass!  Thyme does however prefer a hot and dry climate, so keep that in mind before you plant!

 Hardscapes:  Stepping stones, stone slabs, pavers, etc. add extra curb appeal to any home.  Hardscapes might not be ideal for your front lawn, but if you have a smaller backyard, it would look and function great!

Artificial Turf:  It looks so real that you won’t even know the difference.  Artificial turf is zero maintenance, besides a periodic brushing and hose down.  If you have ever walked thru downtown Charlotte, you will find artificial turf on some of the streets.

So if grass isn’t your thing, give one of the above options a try!  We would love to see a picture of what you choose!

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