8 Overlooked Kitchen Storage Spots

Ample storage is important in every home, especially in one’s kitchen.  We often overlook some of the best opportunities to add additional storage. Here is a great list of some of the most underutilized storage spots in your home.

 LP 681 pantry

Above your sink.  If your sink is located on an interior wall, place a rack above it.  You can then hang pots and pans from the rack.  This is a great way to let your pans drip dry since your sink is right below!

Above your fridge.  Majority of our homes have cabinets above them, however, if your fridge does not, why not add some of your own.

KF 52 kitchen 3.1.16

The side of lower cabinets.  Keep recipe books and food magazines nearby by installing a holder on the side of cabinets or your kitchen island.

Awkward corners.  Floating shelves are very adaptable and can fit anywhere, even in those inconvenient corners between 2 windows!

Above your cabinets.  Your pantry can only hold so many items.  Use the area above your cabinets to store items you use frequently.  Placing these items in a basket is a great way to stay organized!

Below floating shelves.  Hang mugs underneath to really utilize every ounce of space!

Hanging mugs blog 6.6.16

Backs of doors.  Use a cork board and pins to keep all of your baking utensils in order.

Above your window.  Why not add a floating shelf above your kitchen sink.  You will still be able to let natural light in while having the perfect spot to store items.

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