5 Home Maintenance Chores That You Do Not Want To Delay!

When you are a homeowner you no longer have the luxury of relying on a landlord to fix any problems that may occur.  Now the responsibility is up to you, and as a homeowner you will want to make sure to not overlook the small stuff, because the small stuff can turn into bigger problems which can cost more money.    Here are a few “chores” that you will not want to overlook this winter.

1. Inspect the bathrooms and the kitchen caulk.  The caulking in bathrooms and kitchens is what keeps water from seeping into the crevices round sinks and tubs.  If water does get in, the result can often be mold.

2. Fix plumbing leaks.  Fixing leaky faucets and other common household plumbing leaks can save the average homeowner 10% on water bills.

farmhouse sink     Blog 1.18.16 master bath

     3.  Clean and seal outdoor decking.  The weather will start to take a toll on your outdoor deck.  Allowing your deck to go untreated for a season or 3, is likely to result in damaged decking.  Those repairs will cost you way more then the sealant would have.

blog post 1.18.16 back deck

        4.  Inspect exterior paint and siding.  Of course we all know exterior pain keeps your home looking nice, but more importantly it keeps out water!   Smaller areas around windows and doors can usually be sanded and repainted pretty easy, however, when you wait too long those bigger areas can cost you a pretty penny.

blog post 1.18.16 exterior of the home

      5.  Inspect foundation and concrete slabs for cracks.  When concrete cures it shrinks slightly and overtime it can develop  slight hairline cracks.  Most homeowners can repair small cracks with several different inexpensive products.  Just make sure you do so, otherwise you risk water damage and insect infiltration.

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