6 Bathroom Renovations That are Worth it

There is a reason why people say that you can tell a lot about a household just by looking at its bathroom. Even though you may see it as just a room for your physical needs, it is actually the first room you stumble into when you get up in the morning. That is why you have to do your best to turn it into a comfortable and pleasant oasis you can enjoy starting your day in. Also, if you ever start considering selling your home, note that the bathroom is one of the first things that a potential buyer will want to check out. Here are 6 ways you can renovate your bathroom that definitely pay off.

Invest in a quality sink

This is definitely the most frequently used bathroom element of them all. Besides, a sink is also the first thing people notice when entering a bathroom. In other words, this is the thing you shouldn’t skimp on. And if you want to get the most bang for your buck, get yourself a contemporarily designed sink. Even though it may cost a few extra bucks, it really makes an unbelievable difference.

However, if you currently cannot invest in a brand-new sink but want to improve your old one, replace the old separate hot and cold faucets with a single-handle faucet that is more modern.

Go for timeless tiles

The smartest thing you can do while renovating a certain place is make it appealing to a wide range of people. In other words, even though pricey natural stones look really powerful, they are taste-specific and can actually give quite a busy look to the place which can be quite a turnoff. The better option would definitely be neutral styles, such as white subway tiles that are, besides being versatile, also pretty cheap.

Lighting matters

Due to their (usually) small windows, bathrooms have little to no natural lighting. And if you are planning on renovating your bathroom, light improvement should be one of your biggest considerations. The first and the most important change should be adding dimmers to your main lights. This way, you will be able to set the right mood while, for example, taking a bath. Second, add recessed fixtures around the makeup mirror to make sure you have the best lighting for doing hair, makeup and shaving. Finally, instead of installing lighting around the shower, add it to the shower – it will make showering much more pleasant.

Don’t forget the bath

If you have a free-standing tub and it is in decent condition, consider reglazing it and placing it on the front part of the bathroom to set the right tone. However, if you are well aware that there is nothing you can do to help it, it is time to invest in a new one. The best thing about it is that you can do it from the comfort of your sofa – there are thousands of quality baths you can find online.

Consider installing a double vanity

There is nothing worse than battling with your partner over the sink while you are both late for work in the morning. Not to mention that double vanity is among the first and most common real estate buyer requests. Double vanities go from $200 to $800 and they are definitely the wisest investments for the bathroom remodel.

Leave the vintage finishes

Even though the point of your remodel may be a new and fresh look, you are probably well aware that some things are more difficult to replace than others. For example, wall tiles in older homes usually have several coats of concrete and maybe even a wire lath underneath. Not only it is difficult to remove them but it is also extremely expensive. Instead, consider saving your money and keeping them. After all, vintage finishes are always cool.

The whole point of a bathroom remodel is to make it more functional, more efficient and more attractive. And when planning what to do, consider these small yet important ideas.


Today’s Blog was written by our Guest Blogger, Catherine Collins.  Catherine is a regular contributor to the smoothdecorator.com blog.  

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