5 DIY Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

Your home is an expensive investment, not to mention your families refuge, so it is important to occasionally make some improvements.  Home improvement projects don’t have to break the bank or take weeks to complete.  Here are 5 smart improvements that you can complete on the weekend.

1.)  Freshen up your entry:  An inviting entrance makes the entire house better, and it is not hard to create.  You can easily apply fresh paint and hardware to your front door.  Add new house numbers or a new light fixture to instantly dress up the front of your home.  Of course greenery is always a good fix.

front door house numbers

2.)  Update lighting:  Changing light fixtures is a quick DIY project that instantly improves the look of any room.  Overhead lighting can often be too harsh for some rooms, so make your home more comfortable and functional by adding a floor lamp instead.

arlington master bedroom

3.)  Modernize the bathroom:  The bath is a quick project, and modernizing this small space can be easy and fast.  Updating the hardware is an easy fix, and you can find hardware in a huge range of styles and price points.

spare bathroom

4.)  Replace kitchen hardware:  Just like with your bathroom, updating the hardware on your kitchen cabinets is easy and inexpensive.  Your cabinetry makes up the bulk of your kitchen,  so this small change has a dramatic impact.

sideview arlington kitchen

5.) Add storage:  Adding shelving is a very doable DIY project.  Once  you have created  your shelves you can choose some of your favorite accessories to decorate with.

Bedford Farms master closet

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