4 Places You Should Be Checking Around Your Home, but Aren't…….

1.)  Cabinet Base under the sink:

You would be surprised at how many sink base bottoms need to be replaced each year.  A homeowner uses their sinks as frequently as 20 times a day, and any leak can cause water damage.  Or if you knock over one of the many cleaning bottles and not realize it, that spill can also cause damage.

2.)  The yard, driveway, and patio……while it’s raining:

The next time you’re at home during a rainstorm, throw on your rain boots and take a walk around your home.  You will be able to spot any potential drainage problems, which can lead to soil being washed away, which then can leave the concrete or asphalt vulnerable, especially under the heavy weight of a vehicle.

3.)  Gutters:

We have reminded you before about checking your gutters, but its worth saying again.  Gutters clogged with leaves, twigs, or other debris won’t drain properly causing water to spill over the top, or the weight of it can cause the gutter to sag and even leak.

4.)  Deck:

Make sure to inspect your decks for any rotting wood.  Water dripping off the roof onto the deck can cause rotting, as well as leaves that get wedged between the bottom of the patio door and deck.

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