10 Ways to Add Backyard Appeal

1.)  Paint a seat: Paint is one of the most powerful agents of change.  A fresh coat of paint in a new color can transform your grandmothers dingy old garden chair into your backyards focal point.


2.) Add an arbor:  The appeal of an arbor comes from its ability to give you just the right amount of shade.  For an extra touch add lights or a chandelier from the center of your arbor!


 Backyard Arbor. Blog Post 6.12.15






3.)  Place a birdbath:  What could be more enjoyable then looking out your window every morning to see beautiful birds splashing in your birdbath.  Also if you add a feeder it will help increase the number of birds!


4.)  Add a gate:  Install a low wooden gate to create a sense of anticipation and welcome upon arrival.  Splurge on good hardware and a well-constructed gate to help ensure that your gate lasts for years to come!


5.)  Hang a porch swing:  Transform your porch into an outdoor living area by adding a comfortable swing.  Add a thick cushion to ensure that the swing becomes everyones favorite spot!




6.)  Make room for play:  Enclose your lawn with hedges or outline the border of your lawn with mulch to provide the perfect enclosed area for outdoor games!


7.)  Plant a vine: Nothing adds more drama to a backyard like a colorful, flowering vine climbing up a structure.  It can serve to draw the eye up spotlighting the gardens architectural elements, while softening walls and fences.


8.)  Add a dutch door:  With a top panel that swings inward, a dutch door provides easy communication between indoors and out.  During good weather you can keep the door open allowing for a flow of fresh air.



9.)  Fill a window box:  Just like jewelry can make an outfit, a window box can add a nice touch on a homes exterior.

Window Box with Blue Hydrangea


10.)  Lay a path:  If you have a bare track in your lawn where frequent traffic has worn down the grass, you already have the perfect spot to lay a path!  Use stones for a casual effect, bricks for a more formal yard, or pavers for a structured look.

Stone Walkway




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