10 Kitchen Items to Toss

There are certain items in your kitchen that are meant to last for years, and then there are those items that after a handful of uses need to be tossed.  Here is our list of items that we bet need to be tossed from most kitchens in America!


  1. Sponges:  They are inexpensive and easy to replace, so do it, and do it often.
  2. Dish Towels:  Dish towels are used to wipe down containers, remove excess water from a bowl, or dry your hands.  Once a week is a good time frame to replace or wash your dish towels.
  3. Plastic Containers:  We all know that plastic is not environmentally friendly, so the next time your plastic Tupperware starts to look a little worn and old, replace it with metal or glass.
  4. Water Bottles:  Just like plastic containers need a refresh, the same goes for your plastic water bottles.
  5. Water filters: You need to replace your water filters at least every 6 months, but that can vary depending on the brand.
  6. Cutting Boards:  Once your cutting board gets a nice groove in it from your knife, it now becomes impossible to clean it.  Time to replace!
  7. Frostbit freezer foods:  If your freezer foods look snowy, items time to toss.
  8. Baking Powder:  Baking Powder will expire, and when it does it is doing you no good!  To test your baking powder, mix water with a teaspoon of it, if it doesn’t bubble, toss it!
  9. Old Spices:  Your meals deserve better than old expired spices.
  10. Scratched nonstick pans:  Once your nonstick pan gets scratched, they no longer work like they should.
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