Our Story

williammarcniblockA family of dedicated professionals that put building trust first.

Back in 1979, when Charlotte was just beginning to transform itself into the world class city it is today, three brothers with a passion for excellence organized a small home building company poised to meet the demands of our growing region. They did so using one important principle to guide their way: do business with a sense of stewardship and respect.  We strive to create an atmosphere of trust so that we will always be proud to put our name on every home we build.

Fast forward 37 years, 3,500 homes later, and we are still proud to say we build trust, just as we always have. We view each home as an opportunity to improve the neighborhoods and communities in which we live. Why do we believe that nothing is more important than building trust? Because we could not sustain our kind of home building legacy without it.

Niblock Homes started out as a custom home builder. That means that from day one, we have catered to our customers’ wants and needs. We have continuously refined our home plans and processes while balancing our work with a commitment of giving back to this place we call home.

Our formula is simple and can be explained using three words: Competence, Communication, and Commitment.


Niblock’s culture is based on the principle of individual excellence. Our team has been built to work as one, with accountability guiding each individual task. Every person is an expert at what they do and we’re devoted to you, our customer. No corner cutting, no empty promises, no exceptions.


No relationship can survive without it. Trust is only possible with good communication. All elements of the home building process are carefully executed and openly reported. Your own personal Niblock representative guides you throughout the entire experience; a central, highly trained and knowledgeable source for all communication. This ensures all milestones are met, and your home is delivered just as you requested. Period.


Quality isn’t just a word to us.  Without reservation, we openly promise to source, construct and stand behind all the materials and workmanship that go into every home we build.