You've Found Your Ideal Niblock Home, Now What?

You’ve found your ideal home, but still need to sell your existing one – and fast.  At Niblock Homes we are not only experts at building homes, but also at selling them.  Below you will find easy ways to make your home move-in ready, and to survive the process with less stress and more success.


Step 1:  Tools of the Trade

The right equipment makes any job easier.  Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A home in good condition
  • A trusted Real Estate Agent
  • A reliable home inspector
  • General cleaning and household tools
  • Creative ideas for showcasing space
  • Patience and a sense of humor

Step 2:  The Fair Price

Price your home based on its worth – not your profit expectations.  Rely on real estate professionals to help you set a fair price based on your homes square footage, condition, and current market conditions.  Be prepared to lower the price if needed.

A few tips:

  • Visit houses in your price range to see how yours compares
  • Conduct comparable market analysis showing how similar homes have sold
  • Consider getting an independent appraisal
  • Consider incentives, such as paid closing costs or a home improvement allowance
  • Know your bottom line

Step 3:  Picture – Perfect

When selling your home, think like a buyer not a seller.  With some scrubbing, organizing accessories, your home will make a good first impression and sell 50% faster.

  • Clean your home thoroughly, including storage areas and the garage
  • Store collectibles, personal photos, and excess furniture
  • Repair all walls and non-working items
  • Update with neutral paint, slipcovers, and linens
  • Tidy cabinets, and store only clothing and linens in closets
  • Clear kitchen and bathroom counters of personal items
  • Accessorize bookcases, keeping shelves sparse
  • Store toys, bicycles, and yard equipment out of sight
  • Keep pet areas immaculate and odor-free
  • Keep the lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed and leaves raked

Arlington Bathroom

Step 4: Happy Ending

In real estate, there’s no happier ending than a successful sale.  With a little work, good attitude, and a knowledgeable real estate agent, you’ll not only sell your home quickly, but end up wiser, less stressed, and more confident about moving into your Niblock dream home.

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