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November 13, 2015

Your Favorite Room, Your Master Bath

Everyone needs that one room  or place in their home where they can go and relax.  That room is your spot, your happy place, the place where you go to escape your screaming toddler, where you go to unwind from a stressful day at work, or a place where you go when you just need some “me time”.  That place is your master bathroom.

master bathroom

In our master bathrooms, we have created several “spa like” options.  From walk-in spa showers, to jetted tubs, our master bathrooms will easily become your favorite room.

spa shower

Our Spa shower has become very popular.  With its over head rain can, hand held shower wand, and built-in seat, it is easy to see why.

master bath

A tradition of practicality and function, a free standing time is a timeless addition to any master bath.

master bath

Of course columns add architectural style and are definitely eye catching.

master bath

You can never go wrong with just a shower.  With gorgeous tile work, a built-in seat, and a place to put your soaps, it is easy to see this is no ordinary shower.

master bathroom

Of course being the custom home builder that we are, we can always take your “regular walk-in shower” to the next level.  For this homeowner we built their walk-in shower with 2 entrances.  Just walk-in one side and out the other!

master bath

Whatever master bath arrangement that you choose, we hope that this will easily become your favorite room.

Ginny Moore

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