Why Wait, Buy Now!


Should you wait till the  Spring to buy a new home or should you buy now?  Obviously the best time to buy a new home depends on you and your family and when you feel financially ready.  If you feel that you are financially ready, then why wait?  Here are a few reasons that you should buy now before the new year.

  1. Builders are very motivated to meet their sales goals before the end of 2016.  Many builders are offering great deals on their existing inventory homes,  as well as offering great promotions if you buy now.  Click here to learn more about our current end of the year promotion.
  2. With the start of a new year, you can almost always expect a price increase.  So if you are eyeing a specific home at a price that works for you, then chances are if you wait that price will have increased.
  3. What better way to start of 2017 then in your new home that you own!  Start of the new year in a home that you own as opposed to one that you are just renting.  Rent is an expense that delivers no return.  A mortgage payment is a contribution toward your investment because your home will gain in value.  To learn more about renting vs. owning a home, click here.
  4. Mortgage rates will likely hover in the 3.5% range for the short term, but could rise above 4% through the first half of 2017.  Loan limits could also rise in some parts of the country next year, in response to rising home values.

Ultimately the best time to buy a new home is up to you and your family.  However, if you are financially stable and ready to move, now is the time to buy!

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