Upgrades to your your home that will pay off

Are you trying to sell your home?  Or has your home just been sitting on the market for months now?  Now is the time to invest money into updates on your home in order to make the biggest profit.

—Maintenance Care and Fixes:  Before you spend a ton of money on renovating your kitchen, you might want to check the basics of your home.  Do your windows leak or fog up, do you have a leaky faucet, is your yard covered in weeds?   These are all fixes that can easily be updated and will add a ton of value back into your home.

—The Front Door:  Don’t underestimate the power of a front door.  It is totally worth it to spend extra money on a more detailed front door, or when you build your home upgrade to an 8 foot tall door.  An easy fix would be a fresh coat of paint!


—The Deck:  Spending extra money to stain your deck is totally worth it.  If your home is older and your deck would probably give someone a splinter if they were barefoot, you should really consider updating it.  Outdoor spaces are huge this time of year, so spending a little extra to make your outdoor entertaining areas stand out could mean extra money in your pocket!

—Flooring:  Hardwood floors appeal most to home buyers!  If your floors are starting to look a little rough, and scratches from your dogs nails are really starting to show, now might be the time to get your hardwoods refinished.  The same goes for your carpet.  If it looks worn and stained, consider replacing it,  or better yet, add hardwoods to that area instead, especially if it is a family room!

—Paint:  A fresh coat of paint will go along way.  Painting your rooms a neutral color, instead of that bright red you just had to have, will help buyers envision themselves living in that space.

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