Top Tips for Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

The sudden greening of your yard, the clear blue skies, and the budding tulips all say it’s Spring.  Now is the perfect time to plant your own garden.   Anyone can be a gardener, and we are here to help you with these tips for growing vegetables.

1.  Think small.  To start, make a small plot, about 4×4 or 4×8.  You don’t want to go overboard, this size garden is more likely to succeed.   A smaller garden also allows for you to get the soil right.

2.  Your garden needs at least 6 hours of direct sunshine daily.  More is better.  Keep in mind that trees are still filling out, and where a shadow might be cast by your home or garage.

3.  There are many different kinds of vegetables that are sold in pots, ready to set out in the garden.  Tomatoes, peppers, and melons are popular choices for this.

4.  Pay attention to distances.  A tiny plant or seed may not seem to require much space at first, but soon it will.  Follow distance recommendations.

5.  For a small plot of land, plant in squares so that it can be reached form the outside of the plot.  Make your space count!

6.  Keep a watch on the weather.  Many kinds of crops can go in as the weather and soil warm.  However, if chilly weather continues into mid-April, it is best to wait at least 10 days.

7.  For good growth, using an organic fertilizer is always a good idea!

Garden Image. Blog 4/13/15.

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