Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Thieves view the holiday season as an increased opportunity to break in and steal.  Whether you are staying in town this year or visiting family out of town, we want your family and your home to be safe throughout the holidays.  With these tips we hope that you will rest easy knowing you did everything to keep thieves away.

Male thief avatar

  1.  Makes sure your gifts and valuables are not visible from the street:  Don’t tempt a thief by putting your merchandise on display, and always remember to close blinds or curtains when you are away.
  2. Put your holiday lights on a timer:  This prevents thieves from learning your habits and taking note of when your lights are turned on and off.  It is also a good idea to put your indoor lights on a timer if you are vacationing.
  3. Secure your home:  Make sure all door and window locks are in working order.  Also if you normally have a hidden spare key, bring it in while you are away.
  4. Have someone pick up your mail and newspaper:  Nothing says I am not home like a weeks worth of newspapers in your driveway.
  5. Do not broadcast on social media:  Posting on Facebook or Twitter that you are out of town makes you an easy target.  I know you want to share with the world that you are on a tropical beach enjoying the sunshine, but beware that you are blatantly telling criminals that you are not home.
  6. Don’t advertise the gifts you received:  Placing empty boxes outside for pickup shows thieves what is available inside your home.  Break your boxes down, turn them inside out, and place in a trash can instead of curbside.
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