Tips for Safe Holiday Decorating

Christmas trees, wreaths, holiday décor, and lights are the perfect ingredients for holiday cheer!  However, if you are not careful of properly using these items, they can be a safety hazard or even cause a fire.  Here are a few tips to help keep your home and family safe this holiday season.

Holiday lights

  1. Double check lights for frayed wires or cracks and make sure there is a light in each socket.
  2. When decorating outside be sure to keep ladders and decorations away from power lines.
  3. Do not hammer tracks or nails into the electrical cord when hanging lights.  Instead use clips to safely attach lights to the house.
  4. Use heavy duty extension cords, and only use cords outdoors if they are designated for outdoor use.
  5. Use a timer or turn off lights before bed, or if you will be away from home.
  6. Indoor lights should not touch drapes, furniture, or carpet.  Keep lit candles away from flammable items as well.
  7. Remove lights after the holiday season.  Over a period of time, lights exposed to the weather can have damage to the wires, lights, and sockets.

By taking these precautions, you can prevent hazards and focus on friends and family during the holidays!


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