The Easiest Way to Design Your Gallery Wall

Collecting art is easy, getting it framed and on the wall is the hard part  That is until we discovered Framebridge.

Framebridge is a website where you can choose the frames you like (they are conveniently grouped into style collections) then you mail them your art or you can upload images for them to print and frame.  Their design experts will then review your selections, measure your art, and choose the mat shade and width that best compliments your piece.  Don’t have time to browse?  You can also select Designers Choice where you send them your art, and they will recommend 3 styles for you to choose from before they start framing.

Now lets assume that you have gotten all of your art framed….which is the hard part!  Now you will need to decide where you would like to put it.  Above a chair, a sofa, in your foyer, the possibilities are endless.  Once you have chosen the location, play with the layout.  I would suggest arranging your frames on the floor, then using painters tape, outline the dimensions of the wall to help you get a better visual.

Remember to think about what kind of statement you want to make.  Try mixing all types of art, photography, posters, even 3-D objects!  Just have fun with it!

Framed Photos on the wall

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