Taking Care of Your Hardwoods

You have just moved into your new home.  Your hardwood floors are shiny, scratch free, and looking gorgeous, so how do you keep them that way?  We have some great tips to help you cut down on the time spent cleaning your hardwood floors, plus some easy preventative maintenance tips.

Hardwood Floors

Preventative Maintenance:

*Place mats or rugs both outside and inside your exterior doors to lessen tracked in dirt.

*Have a designated spot where guests can remove and store their shoes.  Our drop zone areas offer the perfect storage solution, plus they are located right off of your garage!

Drop Zone Area with built ins

*Place floor protectors under furniture and buy rugs to place in areas where kids toys are stored and typically played with.

 Basic Care:

You can speed up the cleaning process by first dusting the floor with a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent.  This will help pick up dirt, dust, and pet hair that could potentially scratch your hardwoods.  The disposable cloths available at grocery stores work great.  Make sure to use both sides of the cloth before throwing them away!

Blog post hardwoods floor cleaning

 Deep Cleaning: 

Dirt, oil, and grime build up over time and are not completely removed by a weekly dust mopping.  For occasional deep cleaning, saturate a sponge or rag mop in water that has been diluted with a wood cleaning product.  Do not use furniture cleaner or polish on your hardwoods, they will become extremely slippery if you do!  Warm water and soap also work well together.  You want to make sure that your mop is slightly damp to the touch, you do not want standing water left anywhere on your floor!

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