Taking a look back at our top design trends from 2017

2017 was a great year for design trends in new homes.  Here are our top 4 favorite designs from this past year.


Cedar Accents.  2017 was a big year for cedar accents in the home.  From the exterior to the interior we built some gorgeous homes using cedar accents.  One of our top favorites is this custom home that we built for a family on a lot that they owned.  They used cedar accents in all of the right places!  They not only used cedar on the exterior of the home, but they also brought those accents into the home as well.



Inside the home they also incorporated that rustic look by using stained barn doors, stained bead board ceiling detail, and stained wood beams.  This is a great way to tie the overall look of the home together.



White design features:  White cabinets, white counter tops, white tiled bathrooms, these are just a few examples of where we have seen the all white design trend.  White makes small spaces appear larger, it’s clean, light, and refreshing, and it’s easy to see why so many new homeowners have been designing their home around the color white.

In the Master Bathroom : One of our newest tile selections is the Duomo Bianchi tile.  This new selection has been a big hit, and we absolutely love the way it looks.


Kitchen cabinets: Whites and greys have been the majority of cabinet colors this past year.  Like we stated above, using white cabinets can make even the smallest kitchen appear that much bigger.


White granite counter tops:  Lighter granite blends perfectly with lighter cabinetry, while still leaving enough color to stand out.




3 or 4 panel sliding doors.  2017 was all about bringing the outside in and really utilizing your outdoor spaces year round.  Adding this 4 panel sliding door to our Bedford Farms model was definitely the start of our sliding door trend.

BF Dunhill Model family room  BF Dunhill Model Porch


Accent walls.  Accent walls are like artwork or decor that comes with the house.  If you want to make a statement in your home, wow your guests, or even revamp a room, adding an accent feature is the way to go.  We have been incorporating this trend into several of our models lately.  One of the main rooms where we feature this trend is the Dining Room.


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