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Sherwin Williams 2019 Color of the Year: Cavern Clay

  It may still be 2018, but Sherwin Williams has already announced their 2019 color of the year, Cavern Clay. Here is what Sherwin Williams has to say about their color of the year.  “Cavern Clay is a nod to midcentury modern style, but with the soul of the American Southwest, which together creates a desert…

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Child Proofing Your New Home's Design

When you think about child proofing your new home you think cabinet locks, safety gates, and outlet covers.  But what about those things that you can do when designing your new home that will help with the wear and tear of kids.  Here is a list of design items to keep in mind when designing…

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Taking a look back at our top design trends from 2017

2017 was a great year for design trends in new homes.  Here are our top 4 favorite designs from this past year.   Cedar Accents.  2017 was a big year for cedar accents in the home.  From the exterior to the interior we built some gorgeous homes using cedar accents.  One of our top favorites…

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Design Inspiration of the week: Subway Tile

Subway Tile is a timeless design choice for any home.  The use of subway tile goes back for over 100 years, and is used in a variety of spaces like restaurants, kitchens, and bathrooms. There are many different styles, colors, and ways that you can use Subway Tile.  White is the most commonly used,  however,…

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Reasons to Consider New Home Construction

All the shows on HGTV like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers make home renovations seem like a lot of fun and fairly easy, but the reality of renovations is not like what you see on TV.  So instead of buying a home that was built for another family, why not design a home that is specifically…

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Dream Laundry Rooms

The Laundry Room, the place you go to get grass stains off of your kids jeans, where you iron your work suits, and more importantly it is the room you need to keep everyone in your family looking good and smelling fresh.  We think most moms (dads too) can agree that their laundry room is…

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