Summertime Curb Appeal

Vibrant colors, blooming flowers, and inviting front entrances are all things that add to the curb appeal of your home this Summer.  Here are 5 things that you can do to add to that Summertime curb appeal.


  1.  Paint your front door.  Nothing says summer like a fun colored front door, and it is an easy thing to do yourself!

2.  Plant colorful and vibrant flowers.  Flowers are always the perfect way to add a pop of color to the front of your home.  Planting flower beds or using fun decorative pots are both great ways to spruce up your landscaping, and if you have trouble keeping plants alive, try using succulents!


3.  Add chairs and pillows to your front porch.  If you have a large enough front porch, placing outdoor furniture on it will make your home feel  more inviting and welcoming.  Large front porches that have nothing on them just look unfinished, so grab a pair of  chairs, some decorative pillows and maybe a side table, and you will have the perfect outdoor space.

4.  Add or replace the wreath on your front door.  A new wreath is an easy and inexpensive way to “freshen up” the front of your home.  Head to your closest Marshalls or Home Goods and you will find exactly what your front door needs!

5.  New flags/yard decor.  Just like a new wreath can bring an old door back to life, yard decor can give your front yard a new feeling as well.  Flags, water fountains, or any type of outdoor art are sure to give your front lawn more curb appeal.

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