Summer Home Maintenance

Homeowners who do regular maintenance on and in their property will agree it’s much easier than waiting until something breaks, and often much less expensive.  For example, summer is a great time to inspect bathroom drains, shower heads, and vent fans.  If you’ve never inspected refrigerator coils or your clothes dryer vent pipe put those tasks on your summer to do list as well.  With temperatures reaching close to 100 degrees, we think you will appreciate that these home maintenance tips are indoors.

Refrigerator Coils:  The condenser coils on a refrigerator remove heat from inside the unit; if they get dusty it can cost you more money to run your fridge.  To clean:  Turn off the power to your fridge, then vacuum the coils with your brush attachment.

Refrigerator Blog 6.24.16

Bathroom vent fans:  Bathroom ceiling vent fans can collect a lot of dust, which can make them noisy and inefficient.  To clean:  Remove the cover and vacuum out any dust, and spray any moving parts with a silicone lubricant to get your fan quietly humming again.

Shower heads:  Your shower head nozzles can become clogged with mineral deposits which will cause a decrease in your water pressure.  To clean:  Tie a plastic bag full of vinegar over the shower head and allow it to soak overnight, then turn on the hot water to rinse it out.

Bathroom Showerhead Blog 6.24.2016

Ceiling fan blades:  The blades on ceiling fans tend to get dusty over time, and when turned on all of that dust is then spread throughout your room over and over again.  To clean:  Secure a clothes dryer sheet to a paint roller with rubber bands, and use it to roll those dust bunnies away.

Ceiling Fan Blog 6.24.16

Clothes dryer vent pipe:  The accumulation of lint in the vent pipe and hose causes 15,000 fires annually!  To prevent a fire in your home, it’s important to clean the dryer vent regularly.  To clean:  Remove the dryer hose and/or outside vent pipe, then clean the inside of the hose and pipe with a vacuum cleaner.  Also, make sure to clean the lint filter on your dryer every time you dry a load of clothes.

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