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October 24, 2018

Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are here to stay.  On just about every HGTV show there is, the one thing that everyone wants in their fixer upper is an open floor plan.  No more walls dividing rooms causing your home to feel choppy and smaller than it actually is.  Today’s homes are all about an open flow, sight lines throughout, and tons of natural light.

All of our floor plans offer just that.  The kitchen flows into the family room, the Dining Room actually feels like it’s apart of the home, and most importantly you have more natural light than ever before because there are no walls in the way.

  • The flow of your home will feel good for lack of a better word.  The flooring will tie in seamlessly together, no more choppy starting and stopping of the hardwoods.  You will be able to see your kids in the Family Room while you are in the kitchen, and better yet you will feel more apart of the family while being in a separate room.
  • Who doesn’t love natural light?  Now without the unnecessary walls standing in the way, sunlight can shine thru all the windows creating a more bright and cheerful living space.

  • With an open concept you will have more flexibility when designing and placing furniture.  No more walls to restrict the size or shape of the couch.

  • It just feels better.  An open floor plan gives you the new home feel, and we have to say, there is no better feeling than that of a brand new home!