Raising a Family in Ashlyn Creek

Aerial view of Ashlyn Creek Community POol  

Over 80 families call Ashyn Creek home.  The location of Ashlyn Creek is just one of the many desirable qualities of living in this Mooresville community.  I recently interviewed one of Ashlyn Creek’s residents, Staci.  Staci and her family have lived in Ashlyn Creek for several months now, and we think it is safe to say that her and her family love their new community!

  What makes living in Ashlyn Creek so special?

  The neighbors.  I have never felt more welcome in a neighborhood.  This is our 3rd house and we have lived in great neighborhoods and this is by far the best.  Everyone here is so nice and makes us feel like family.  Our kids go from house to house and we feel like the neighborhood is very safe.  We also love the community pool.

What do you like most about living in Mooresville? 

We love that it’s a small town (I guess it’s still small?).  We love Ashlyn Creek side of town, close to down town and we also love the fact when we want to go towards hwy 150 we can to get to the bigger stores.  Mooresville is small enough that we know a lot of people, just about everywhere we go we will run into someone we know. The Mooresville Rec department has great programs for the children too.

 Do you and your family have any favorite local Mooresville restaurants or hang outs?

We like the local owned restaurants downtown (Trackside, Epic Chophouse, Big Tiny’s…). I could keep naming but basically anything down main street/broad street is our go to places.  There are some favorites on the other side of town too but if you make me pick I would have to pick something on this side.

Did Ashlyn Creek’s school district influence your buying decision? 

Definitely – we love the Mooresville City Schools.  Every house we’ve owned has been Mooresville City School district.

  What do you like most about your new home and neighborhood?

  One main reason we moved is because I wanted to build a custom home.  Plus we didn’t have a community pool in our other neighborhood.  So that was a must in a new neighborhood if we were going to move.  I love that we are close to the schools.  Our home is perfect, exactly what we (I – haha) wanted.  Perfect home, perfect neighbors, close to the schools, close to great restaurants, we have a Walmart neighborhood market, we have a pool….what else do we need?

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